ÅWL Arkitekter wins competition to design park of the future

Stockholm based architecture firm ÅWL has been selected to design a new park in one of Gothenburg’s major urban development areas, Backa. Gothenburg City in cooperation with the Swedish Association of Architects announced the open competition in December 2015. The assignment is to design a multi-purpose park that will aim to create new social connections between the residents in the area.

The winning plan called “Backa Binder” includes a linear sequence of park spaces at different scales and with different functions. A playful landscape, greenery and a connecting park floor are some of the key elements of the plan. The park invites people to meet and explore the area and the functions include play areas, paddling pools, public urban allotments and even an open air cinema.

“We are happy and proud about this win and we look forward to working with the community to improve the quality of life in Backa” says Maja Forsberg team leader and landscape architect at ÅWL.